Our history

Follow our history and grow with us. 

Lo'ne origins

October 2016

Lo'ne is launched by Eugenia Osborne and Lola Peralta, two young entrepreneurs women, with a clear objective: the desire to create a new type of jewelry available for any one and with a geometrical, simple and elegant style. The quality and excellence of the pieces are shown and admired in each of their creations. A piece for any woman without any distinctions. 

October 2016

The launch of their first collection based on the idea that all women are born exactly the same. A brand with no boundaries. 

Lo'ne Jewelry, a brand with no boundaries.

Mythology Collection Lo'ne Jewelry

July 2017

Launch of our new campaign Mythology Collection, inspired by the roots of people and cultures that have always been based on natural elements or phenomena such as the moon, sun, rain, etc.